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I LOVE MY HOOD is a proud vendor for The Department of Education. We are made up of a collective of Artists, Educators and Social Justice Activists who share in the goal of improving our communities.


Unfortunately, most of our schools don't reflect the effort put forward by the students and faculty who work tirelessly towards greater educational experiences. Sadly, walls are still being painted colorless tones that create a monotonous environment extinguishing the possibility of fostering that creative spark so vital to our youth.


The creative exercises we provide triple as an opportunity to develop expression, social awareness and social change. These actions both improve the quality of life for us and our neighborhoods while simultaneously recognizing and empowering our youth.

“Murals in Schools” allow local artists, students and teachers to visually enhance and boost the school's surroundings. We paint murals that directly reflect the culture and aesthetics of the respective communities while providing inspiration.


Students working with I LOVE MY HOOD as “participant-artists” learn the therapeutic process of art-making which allows them to practices the skills and techniques needed to produce high-quality art for the public. Along with a high standard of aesthetics, the projects focus on building the community, learning cultural significance and enhancing social awareness.


Naturally, what we see on a daily basis is powerful and influential, particularly as it pertains to the shaping of our youth. 


These are samples of what many of the recurrent walls look like. There is an immense amount of potential, yet regrettably, the efforts are usually limited to disproportionate flyers, posters or construction paper soaked into the vast tedium walls.


Investing in Positive Perception:

      The payoff is by no means limited to beautification. Undoubtedly, a healthier and progressing atmosphere is produced when the students, faculty and visitors alike see a familiar Culture being embraced while speaking to the innovative spirit of each school and its members.


Images of Black/Latino/Native, including young Women of color are not positively represented by mass media. We enthusiastically counter that narrative by creating an environment that boosts pride, self-worth and highlights the true aspects that exist in our community.


To have the walls creatively express what we traditionally only see in textbooks is a step towards artistically expanding and strengthening how we educate. There is immense power in reprogramming our biases by representing young people of color in positions of success, leadership and everyday life.


  • Engagement

  • Workshops with students

  • Roundtable discussions

  • Examining how popular media depicts different groups.

  • Brainstorming for solutions

  • Equipment/tools overview

  • Cultural referencing

  • Execution

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